Legal Technician Office of Lee A. Halpin
Legal Technician Office of Lee A. Halpin
Making it possible
When the client's issue is within the defined practice area a legal technician may render the following limited legal assistance to a pro se client:

  • Obtain relevant facts, and explain the relevancy of such information to the client;
  • Inform the client of applicable procedures, including deadlines, documents which must be filed, and the anticipated course of the legal proceeding;
  • Inform the client of and assist with applicable procedures for proper service of process and filing of legal documents;
  • Provide the client with self-help materials prepared by a Washington lawyer or approved by the LLLT Board, which contain information about relevant legal requirements, case law basis for the client's claim, and venue and jurisdiction requirements;
  • Review documents or exhibits that the client has received and explain them to the client;

  • Select, complete, file, and effect service of forms that have been approved by the State of Washington, either through a governmental agency or by the Administrative Office of the Courts or the content of which is specified by statute; federal forms; forms prepared by a Washington lawyer; or forms approved by the LLLT Board; and advise the client of the significance of the selected forms to the client's case;
  • Perform legal research;
  • Draft letters setting forth legal opinions that are intended to be read by persons other than the client;
  • Draft documents beyond what is permitted in paragraph (6), if the work is reviewed and approved by a Washington lawyer;


  • Assist the client in obtaining necessary records, such as birth, death, or marriage certificates. 
  • Communicate and negotiate with the opposing party or the party’s representative regarding procedural matters, such as setting court hearings or other ministerial or civil procedure matters;
  • Negotiate the client's legal rights or responsibilities, provided that the client has given written consent defining the parameters of the negotiation prior to the onset of the negotiation; and
  • Render other types of legal assistance when specifically authorized by the scope of practice regulations for the approved practice area in which the LLLT is licensed.