Legal Technician Office of Lee A. Halpin
Legal Technician Office of Lee A. Halpin
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Parenting Plan


What is an Acknowledgment of Parentage (AOP) form?
An AOP is a legal form that establishes a parent – child relationship or “parentage.” By filing this form, you add a second parent to a child’s birth certificate. 
Note: Some parents already on a birth certificate through marriage or registered domestic partnership may choose to file an AOP for use outside of Washington State to prove parentage. 

422-159 Acknowledgment of Parentage form (English) (PDF)
422-159 Formulario del Reconocimiento De Paternidad (Spanish) (PDF)
For more information visit the Department of Health at: 

Educational Background

I was born in Mount Vernon, Washington and raised on Whidbey Island. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Science. I continued my studies at Edmonds Community College by completing the Advanced Paralegal Certificate in 2018. 

I went on to study family law at Whatcom Community College in 2020. After taking the LLLT bar exam I became the first limited licensed legal technician in Skagit County. 

My mission is to provide family law services in a limited practice area to the people in my community who might otherwise proceed through the legal process alone because they cannot afford the services of an attorney.


To learn more about the LLLT license visit the WSBA website for more details at: