Legal Technician Office of Lee A. Halpin
Legal Technician Office of Lee A. Halpin
Making it possible

A solution to your financial needs

Sliding Scale fee schedule changes annually in accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines. 

What are low bono family law services?

Low bono family law services will be provided to clients with moderate means by determining the hourly rate they will be charged for their services by using a sliding fee scale.  

For most people, this means they can get the legal help they need at a price they can afford. 

*Must show proof of income to qualify for sliding fee hourly rates. When income cannot be verified it will be imputed pursuant to RCW 26.09.171

Think long-term

Once the client decides how they want to proceed in their family law matter a financial plan will be devised tailored to meet their budget. Generally, the client will pay an advance fee deposit based on their income and the number of filings in their case. After the advance fee deposit has been exhausted the client will pay for their legal services by making monthly payments.